500 Irrigation Meters to be Installed in 2018

WaterPro/Draper Irrigation has awarded a contract to Cody Ekker Construction to install 400 additional pressure irrigation (PI) meters on our system beginning in March. Our crew will install another 100 or more depending on their workload.

Will everyone get a meter?

We plan to eventually install meters on all PI connections, but it is a multi-year project and depends on the funding available. Our decisions about which meters to install next will depend on many factors, so we are unable to tell specific customers exactly when metering will come to their area.

For this year’s installations, we will notify area residents with a door tag when the installation crew is in the area.

If I get a meter, will my billing change?

Not immediately. When your meter is hooked up, the look of your bill will change, but the amount will not change until January of 2019.

We will continue billing existing customers their old flat rate, but the bill will also show what the cost would have been according to the meter. By delaying the changeover from flat rate to metered rate until January, customers have a chance to change their watering practices or landscaping to conserve water and save money when the metered billing takes effect for their account.

If you have additional questions about PI metering, please contact our office.