A Short History of Drinking Water in Draper

According to a book published by the American Water Works Association (The Quest for Pure Water: The History of Water Purification from the Earliest Records to the Twentieth Century), even people in prehistoric times understood the need to find clean drinking water.

Over the centuries, people came up with many methods for purifying water, some more effective than others. But effective water treatment only occurred relatively recently. In 1908, Jersey City, New Jersey became the first city in the United States to begin routinely disinfecting the drinking water they provided to the public.

What about Draper? Here are some important milestones in our culinary (drinking) water history.

1888. A group of farmers pooled their water rights and incorporated as Draper Irrigation Company, the parent company of WaterPro. They were mostly concerned with providing irrigation water in open ditches well water (which is naturally purified and often does not require treatment) or purchasing already-treated water from another agency.

  • 1971. The treatment plant opened, using flocculation and sedimentation (a common method) to treat the water.
  • 2004. The treatment plant was updated to use membrane technology and microfiltration to treat the water.
  • 2011. The EPA began requiring water systems to issue an annual Consumer Confidence Report (ours begins on the following page). As this report shows, you can be confident in the cleanliness of your drinking water.