Another “Ugly” Water Year Is Forecast

Snow Survey, says that “the probability is that we are staring at another ugly [water] year right in the face,” according to an article in the January 10 Deseret News.

In spite of storms that had snowblowers working overtime during early January, snowpack throughout the state is still only about 75% of normal. In addition, Julander said that the Climate Prediction Center has predicted above-normal temperatures with average or below-average precipitation for the rest of the winter months. This means that the snowpack likely won’t catch up to normal.

To make the situation worse, reservoirs in the state are at 55% of capacity, compared to 64% last year and 84% the year before that.

What does that mean for WaterPro’s customers? Like all Utah residents, we face a summer season with reduced water supplies. Last year reservoir managers tried to conserve their dwindling reserves by reducing the amount of water they made available to customers; with reserves even lower this year, more customers may face shortages.

WaterPro did not have to ration water last year, and we hope it is not necessary this year. But we do ask all our customers to become serious about conserving water in any way they can.