Are You Ready for an Emergency? Sign Up for Reverse 911

The following is part of an open letter to Draper residents from city council member Michele Weeks. The entire letter is printed in the March/April version of the Draper Forward newsletter, available online at

One of the most important things to Draper City Council members and staff is to make sure we are communicating accurate and timely information to our residents. We watched and learned from Sandy City’s water problems and how important it was for them to send out emergency communications as quickly as possible.

We are encouraging Draper residents to sign up for Reverse 9-1-1 through Salt Lake VECC and through Utah Valley Emergency Notification systems. Since Draper City is located in two counties, it is important for Suncrest residents to sign up in both counties.

[To sign up for Salt Lake VECC:

To sign up for Utah Valley:]


Watch for ReadyOp

Draper City has recently signed an agreement with ReadyOp to help manage emergency operations, police, and fire. Within this system there is a text alert that we will be able to send out to all our residents or to specific areas within the city. Be on the lookout for information about this new system and how to register your phone number and email address.

If you have questions, contact Emergency Manager Scott Chatwin at 801-576-6377 or