Certified Backflow Testers

NOTE: A copy of the test needs to be sent to our office. Even newly installed units need to be tested.

The following is a partial list of State Certified Backflow Technicians from the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley. The list is not an endorsement by WaterPro as to their qualifications but is provided for reference only. Any Grade 2 or Grade 3 backflow technician certified by the Utah Division of Drinking Water may provide service for the required testing of backflow prevention assemblies. A complete listing of certified backflow technicians may be obtained by calling the Utah Division of Drinking Water at 801-536-4200, or visit their website at drinkingwater.utah.gov.
NamePhone #
South Valley Backflow Testing LLC (Mark Webb)801-253-7273
Dun-Rite Backflow Service (Brian Dunton)801-815-5893
Steve Ensminger801-867-6068
Chuck Elliot801-230-1157
Fire Services Inc801-676-8850
State Fire801-288-2100
Jenkins Plumbing801-355-6710
Dan Merrill/Dan the Man Plumbing801-523-7378
Electric Drain and Sewer801-266-8041 or 801-455-3487
Waters Contracting (Paul Waters)801-546-0844
John Zarbock Plumbing801-886-2222
Kourtney Korth801-253-4557
Young Plumbing801-232-5085
Clearwater Backflow Services (Phil Fabry)801-702-0313
Todd Anderson801-554-8272
Shamrock Plumbing (Gary Hampton)801-295-1690
Gentry Bowles385-241-6181
Smartline Backflow (Travis Smart)801-842-8068
Wilder Backflow (Jess Wilder)801-230-1681
Chris Bowles801-386-3993

Plumbing code states that all backflow assemblies are to be tested within 10 days of installation/initial use and annually thereafter.
Questions Call WaterPro 801-571-2232 or email backflow@waterpro.net