Changes Coming to Pressure Irrigation Rates and Billing

January may seem like an odd time to make changes to the way we bill for pressure irrigation (PI). After all, the PI season runs from April 15 to October 15, and is not operational at this time of year. However, we feel that the off-season is the best time to implement changes because it gives our customers plenty of time to anticipate and prepare before the season starts.

Metered billing begins Jan. 1

For several months we have been informing our customers that those who have had meters installed on the PI systems will be billed at the metered rate beginning January 1.

Obviously, no one will be billed for PI water usage in January while the system is not in operation.

However, when the PI system was installed, our stockholders voted to have a year-round base charge (similar to what you pay for any utility) to cover expenses for maintenance, infrastructure, and billing. So our metered customers will be billed a small base amount ($3 per share) even during the off-season.

We will continue to offer bill averaging for those who want to pay a roughly even amount year-round instead of paying for all usage during the PI season.

Changes to the way we process PI water

Due to the ongoing drought, Utah Lake has been at a low level. When that happens, the water we get from the lake for our PI system is lower in quality than usual.

In order to improve the quality of this water as far as possible, we are going to begin treating the water we draw from Utah Lake to help remove sediment and clean up the water. We are also experimenting with a process that will help reduce the number of snails in the water, which clog up PI filters.

We tested this process last summer and it helped improve the quality of the Utah Lake water.

When PI season begins, we would welcome feedback on the water quality so that we can continue our efforts to improve the product we deliver to you.

PI rates will change on Jan. 1

The PI rates for 2016 are shown here. While these increased rates reflect our increased cost of delivering water to you, we anticipate that most of our customers will be able to save money under the metered system.

Here are the PI residential rates effective January 1, 2016. Remember, customers will pay these rates three months after a meter is installed on their property. Customers with no meters will continue to pay the flat rate.

0.33 acres (one share)

  • $3 per month plus usage
  • 0-28K gal 88¢ per 1,000 gal
  • >28K gal $1.17 per 1,000 gal

0.33-0.66 acres (two shares)

  • $6 per month plus usage
  • 0-56K gal 88¢ per 1,000 gal
  • >56K gal $1.17 per 1,000 gal

0.67-1 acres (three shares)

  • $9 per month plus usage
  • 0-83K gal 88¢ per 1,000 gal
  • >83K gal $1.17 per 1,000 gal

>1 acre

  • $3 per month times shares needed, plus usage
  • 0-83K gal 88¢ per 1,000 gal
  • >83K gal $1.17 per 1,000 gal


Non-metered monthly rates:

  • 0-1/3 acre: $19.71
  • 1/3-2/3 acres: $33.53
  • 2/3-1 acre: $42.27
  • > 1 acre: $44.63