Coming Soon for Draper Residents: Meters for All PI Water Connections

There is now a projected end date in sight for our multi-year project to install meters on all our secondary (pressure irrigation, or PI) water hookups.

WaterPro/Draper Irrigation has received a $1 million grant from the federal government that will help complete our funding to finish the project over the next three years.

Scheduled installations

Beginning this month, we plan to install 800 meters over the next year, 800 the year after that, and 600 in the third year, which should bring this project to a close.

We have been installing meters as we had the time and resources for the past three years, with approximately 1,000 meters already installed.

This welcome infusion of grant money will help us to hire contractors to install most of these meters for our residential customers. Our crew will work on metering the more complicated and larger meters for our commercial customers.

Possible disruptions to service

As our crews or contractors move from neighborhood to neighborhood, they will use door tags to inform residents of possible disruption to their irrigation water service. Most of these disruptions will be during the day, with some possible overnight.

This project will have no effect on our culinary (drinking) water service, and there will be no shutoffs of culinary water due to installing PI meters.

Reasons for metering

Metering our PI system has been a longtime goal for the company. Previously, we billed customers according to the size of their lot, but this was unfair to people who used water sparingly but still had to pay the same amount as their more profligate neighbors. With meters, all customers pay for the water they are using.

We have planned for years to install meters on our irrigation system, but two factors prevented it happening sooner:

Technology. Our irrigation water is not as clean as culinary water, and debris would clog earlier meters, Meter technology has finally evolved to the point where we can use meters reliably with our water.

Money. Grants and low-interest loans were needed to allow us to install the meters in a cost-effective way. We can finally afford to finish the project!

New state requirements

Perhaps most importantly, the state legislature passed a bill in its most recent session requiring meters for all new irrigation connections, and is working on a bill requiring meters for existing connections. Rather than waiting for this new requirement to become law (and then competing with other irrigation providers in the state for grant and loan money), we decided to move ahead with the process now.

In addition, state legislators are also considering a bill that would require property owners who have irrigation water available to use it, rather than opting to use culinary water for irrigation. We already encourage use of cheaper and more plentiful irrigation water whenever possible.