Construction Update

Our crews are busy with four ongoing construction projects. In an attempt to minimize disruption, here are the details of where we’ll be working in the near future.

13800 South

As Draper City proceeds with a road improvement project for 13800 South, our crews are working in conjunction with them to lay water pipe to replace outdated infrastructure. There will be some temporary service interruptions as we switch customers over from their existing service to the new infrastructure.

We will hang door tags and notify those in affected areas the day before any scheduled service interruption, which should be short in duration. As with any construction project, it is possible there will be emergency shutdowns with no notification. This project is anticipated to last another two or three months.

11950 S between Minuteman and 150 East

We are also working in conjunction with Draper City on this project, which should affect only one customer –Cowabunga water park. We plan to lay the new main, chlorinate it and test it, and then do the switchover to the new service during nighttime hours to avoid disruption to the water park. We anticipate this project will be finished within the next 30 days.

Various neighborhoods: Ongoing PI meter installation

Beginning August 5, a contractor (Hydrovac) will begin the ongoing project of installing 800 meters for our pressure irrigation (PI) customers. It will take about a year to complete this project.

The crews will work from neighborhood to neighborhood and will hang door tags to inform people when they will be in the area. As they work, they will shut down the PI service during the day for the block where they are working between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Irrigation is prohibited by WaterPro policy between 10 and 6.

Hydrovac will work with three crews simultaneously: one digging up the existing PI service connection, one installing the meters, and one restoring the landscaping. This enables them to complete the installation within one day in most cases. They plan to continue working through all seasons until the project is complete.

Remember, when a meter is installed on your PI connection, you will not be billed on the metered rate until next year’s irrigation season. You will continue to be billed at your current flat rate. However, once the meter is installed your bill will show how much water you are using so you can plan to conserve.

As the crews move from one neighborhood to another, the door tags they hang will contain contact information if you have questions for the contractors. If you have questions about the PI project in general, please contact WaterPro.

Between 600 West and the Jordan River: Reuse project

We continue to make progress on our multi-year project to reclaim water from the Jordan Basin water reclamation facility in Riverton for our pressure irrigation system. For now, we are concentrating on

building our critical infrastructure for this project as other work is being done at the same time.

In this phase, we are laying a 32” pipeline from the Union Pacific railroad tracks underneath the Jordan River on the north side of the Bangerter Highway between 600 West and the river.

This phase of the project will not affect water service to any of our customers; it is all for future use.

As we proceed with the reuse project, we’ve been testing the quality of the treated water at the sewer plant and would like to improve it. To do this, we plan to drill wells to access shallow aquifer water to blend with the reuse water. We’ve completed a test monitoring well and next year plan to drill a test well.

It will be some time until we can actually use the reclaimed water in our irrigation system, but we are making progress toward this goal and will keep you informed