David Ball Retiring After Fifteen Years

   WaterPro wishes to thank David Ball for 15 years of service to the company and its customers. You may have seen him over the years, out and about doing meter reads, changing out meters, fixing leaks, or attending to other water-related issues. David retires as an expert meter tech. He has been very involved in upgrading culinary meters to include innovative technology and understanding how that technology benefits our customers.
David loves to cook. WaterPro employees will miss his sweet potato pies at Thanksgiving, his BBQ beans, and the fresh lemons he freely shared from a relative’s tree. David looks forward to spending more time with family, traveling, weightlifting, enjoying time with his dog BB, and managing family-owned rental properties.

Stockholders’ Meeting Agenda

The WaterPro/Draper Irrigation Company (DIC) stockholders’ meeting will be held Wednesday, March 20, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. at Draper City Hall, located at 1020 E. Pioneer Rd.

Please remember to return your signed ballot regardless of whether or not you choose to vote. This will allow your shares of stock to be represented and give the company the 20% presence it needs to constitute a quorum.

Urgent Message to our xpress BILL PAY and Paperless Customers

If you are a WaterPro customer, you are ALSO a stockholder in our parent company, Draper Irrigation Company (DIC).

To help ensure that you receive time-sensitive DIC annual stockholder information in February, please verify that your “Billing Address” is current (and reflects your mailing address) in xpress BILL PAY. Please Note: Because xpress BILL Pay is a third-party vendor, WaterPro does not have the right to make changes to xpress BILL PAY accounts.

To check your xpress BILL PAY “Billing Address”, log in to www.xpressbillpay.com and select “View Bill”. If the “Billing Address” does not reflect your current mailing address, edit it by:

  1. Finding your name in the upper right corner

Because You Asked—FAQs

I’m planning to rent my home. Do I need my tenant to sign up for water service?


Application for water service is limited to property owners; therefore, tenant sign-up is unnecessary. However, if you are renting out your property,  please call WaterPro so we can put the tenant’s contact information on file for emergencies. Owners may request a resident bill be mailed to the tenant. This arrangement will provide a duplicate statement to the owner (or their property management company). Please note that the owner is ultimately responsible for paying the water bill regardless of the rental contract terms.