Dry Forecast for Pressure Irrigation Season

This winter has been the warmest on record for northern Utah. The below-average-snowpack, combined with the unusually warm weather, means that we can’t count on our usual runoff to supply our pressure irrigation (PI) system.

For this reason, we are asking our customers to hold off using any pressure irrigation water until April 15 when the PI season officially begins.

We begin pressuring up the system on April 1 and many customers will have access to water before the 15th, but we are asking that you voluntarily refrain from using the water before that time.

With our water rights in Utah Lake, we hope to have sufficient water for the entire irrigation season (through October 15).

Because we will be relying more heavily on Utah Lake water for our PI system, we recommend that customers use drip systems rather than sprinklers whenever possible. This serves two purposes: drip systems are generally more efficient and use less water, and some customers have found that when the Utah Lake water is sprinkled on the leaves of certain plants, it can damage the leaves. However, using a drip system to deliver water directly to the roots will solve this problem.