Early End to 2022 Irrigation Season Please watch for further announcements

WaterPro/Draper Irrigation will stop providing water for the season through our pressure irrigation (PI) system in September, due to the ongoing drought.

We hope to be able to supply water until September 15th, but depending on conditions and decisions by the governing authorities, we may need to shut off the system around the 1st.  

We will inform customers via an email blast as conditions change.

Why is the PI season being cut short? Here is some background.

The body that governs Utah Lake water distribution has announced that, due to the ongoing severe drought, certain water users will not receive any water after August 1. These are the users who hold only “secondary” water rights. Holders of “primary” water rights will be able to continue providing water into September, until the system is shut down for the season.

WaterPro’s PI system relies extensively on water from Utah Lake. While we do hold some secondary rights, fortunately the company had the foresight several years ago to purchase additional primary rights that will allow us to continue receiving and pumping water until the system is shut down for the season.

In most years the PI season lasts until October 15. That date is the LAST day we can legally provide water through this system. In drought years, the water supply may dictate that the authorities shut down the system earlier than October 15. This is one of those years.

We ask all of you to continue using water wisely and to help preserve this precious resource. Watch for updates on the exact shutdown date via email, our website, and this newsletter.