Extreme Drought Persists; Please Continue to Conserve

While fall rains have eased Utah’s (and the entire west’s) exceptional drought conditions a bit, that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods – far from it.

As the map and table below show, the area of exceptional drought has shrunk from over 68% of the state to a bit over 20% since January. This is to be expected as fall rains and cooler weather replace the exceptional heat and dryness of the past summer.

HOWEVER, over 88% of the state remains in a state of extreme drought or worse, a figure that hasn’t changed much over the past year.

The good news is that with your ongoing conservation efforts, WaterPro has enough remaining resources to continue providing water until the end of our pressure irrigation season on October 15.

The less good news is that the long-term forecast calls for a drier-than-average winter. With reservoirs already at historic lows, the water supply outlook for next year is not good. While we can’t predict the future and we certainly hope the long-term forecast is too pessimistic, we must prepare for another hot, dry year in 2022.

We appreciate your conservation efforts through this long hot summer and ask all our customers to make water conservation a long-term habit. Here are some tips:

  • Get paid to conserve. Learn about money-saving rebates on water conservation measures such as smart sprinkler controllers or low-flow plumbing fixtures. To learn more, visit Utah Water Savers (https://utahwatersavers.com).

Plan a lush water-wise landscape. Saving water can be beautiful when you landscape with native plants, and winter is the perfect time to dream and plan for next spring’s plantings. The Conservation Garden Park (https://conservationgardenpark.org) has a wealth of resources on their web page, in addition to demonstration gardens at 8275 S 1300 West in West Jordan.

  • Maintain your systems. Fix leaks inside your home and prevent leaks outside by properly winterizing your sprinkler system (see article below).

We appreciate your water conservation efforts so far and urge you to make them a permanent part of life. We live in a desert with a rapidly growing population, and conservation helps make sure our children can enjoy our beautiful valley into the future.