What you’ll need to use EyeOnWater

A compatible water meter

While we currently have over 8,000 EyeOnWater compatible meters installed, you’ll need to contact our office at 801-571-2232 to check the status of EyeOnWater for your account.

When creating your account, you’ll need your WaterPro Account Number. You’ll find it in the upper left-hand portion of your bill. You will need to include the decimal points of your Account Number when creating your EyeOnWater account.

A Supported Browser

Use the latest and next previous major releases of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.

Smart Phone Apps

EyeOnWater is also available as a smartphone app for Android (7.0 and higher) and iOS (15.0 and higher).

Use the links below to learn more about using EyeOnWater.