Fluoride Vote Postponed; We Ask for Your Input

WaterPro is interested in learning what stockholders think about fluoride in your drinking water.

In an effort to educate our customers, we sent you information and initially suggested a September 15 vote on the issue. But we have received a number of calls and comments that the information was too focused on the negative impacts of fluoridating water. This was not our intent.

We value your opinions, and have decided to postpone the vote until the stockholders’ meeting in March 2022. This will allow us to provide more thorough information and generate valuable feedback that we all need to move forward.

And here’s where we need your help. To facilitate a robust dialogue, we are looking for stockholders who are interested in providing facts and opinions on either side of the issue – keeping fluoride in the water or removing it. We will compile the information and provide it via email, our website and social media. We’ll also provide methods for you to comment on our website.

If you are interested in being part of this process, please let us know at fluoride@waterpro.net

Once again, we appreciate your comments so far and look forward going forward to a healthy debate on whether WaterPro should continue or discontinue adding fluoride to your drinking water.