Fluoride: Yes or No?

In the Spring of 2022, WaterPro will ask stockholders to vote on whether to continue or discontinue adding fluoride to the drinking water.

It is important to WaterPro that that our customers and stockholders have the information they need before the vote.  In September and October, we asked for your opinions and we have posted those submittals below.

In addition, Salt Lake County Health Department has provided information on the subject that you can read below.

This is an important decision and we hope you’ll stay engaged.

Here’s a timeline of how the decision will be made

Fluoride vote timeline

Questions? Comments?
Send your question or comment to fluoride@waterpro.net

Here’s what we’ve heard so far

Ron L. – Salt Lake County Health Department
The Salt Lake County Health Department (SLCoHD) has been made aware of a decision to vote on water fluoridation in your public water system. SLCoHD understands that community fluoridation allows citizens and shareholders to make decisions about the public water supply as outlined in Utah Code Ann. § 19-4-111. Salt Lake County Health Department encourages all shareholders to become educated by facts from reliable sources that are the most current and informative. Fluoride benefits children and adults throughout their lives. The inclusion of fluoride in drinking water strengthens adult (permanent) teeth developing under children’s gums and supports tooth enamel in both children and adults, keeping teeth healthy and strong. SLCoHD recognizes the safety and effectiveness of fluoride at levels used in community water fluoridation have been thoroughly reviewed by multinational scientific and public health organizations (U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the World Health Organization) using evidence-based reviews and expert panels. These panels include scientists with expertise in various health and scientific disciplines, including medicine, biophysics, chemistry, toxicological pathology, oral health, and epidemiology. Other entities that support community water fluoridation are leaders in health and medical research and information; these entities include the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Dental Association, National Cancer Institute, World Health Organization, American Medical Association, and the American Water Works Association. The document entitled “Facts About Fluoride” from Water Pro Inc./Draper Irrigation Company provides misconceptions about fluoride, as well as dated and inaccurate information. The information includes quotes attributed to organizations that now support community water fluoridation. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) Policy Statement on Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies supports the recommendations of some of the above-mentioned organizations, as well as “other professional organizations in the medical community, are fore the fluoridation of public water supplies as a publc health benefit. AWWA support the application of fluoride in a responsible, effective, and reliable manner that includes monitoring and control of fluoride levels mandated by provincial, state, and/or federal laws and which is subject to community acceptance through applicable local decision making processes.” (https://www.awwa.org/Policy-Advocacy/AWWA-Policy-Statements/Fluoridation-of-Public-Water-Supplies) In its October 22, 1999, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the CDC states “Because of its contribution to the large decline in cavities in the United States since the 1960s, CDC named community water fluoridation one of the 10 great public health achievements in the 20th century.” (https://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/index.html).

Currently, The American Dental Association (ADA) supports community water fluoridation. Its website includes resources and information ranging from studies to fluoride education. ADA lists the top 5 reason why fluoride is good for communities:

  1. Prevents tooth decay
  2. Protects all ages against cavities
  3. Safe and effective
  4. Saves money
  5. It’s natural and water fluoridation at recommended levels prevents tooth decay. (https://www.ada.org/en/public-programs/advocating-for-the-public/fluoride-and-fluoridation/5-reasons-why-fluoride-in-water-is-good-for-communities)

Further, the ADA states, “The American Dental Association unreservedly endorses the fluoridation of community water supplies as safe, effective and necessary in preventing tooth decay. This support has been the Association’s position since policy was first adopted in 1950.” (https://www.ada.org/en/public-programs/advocating-for-the-public/fluoride-and-fluoridation/ada-fluoridation-policy).

In closing, Salt Lake County Health Department supports community water fluoridation as an effective means to prevent tooth decay safely and inexpensively.

R. Bird – Draper, UT

I am against fluoride being added to our drinking water.  Fluoride is a deadly toxic substance and should never be knowingly given to any human.  Please see the information below.

From: https://simplysilvermouthwash.com/blogs/news/why-was-fluoride-used-as-a-rat-poison

The fluoride that is in DRINKING water is an even more disturbing form of fluoride called Sodium Fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6). This form of fluoride is the same compound that is used as an insecticide and a wood preservative. It is classified as a hazardous waste by-product of the phosphate fertilizer manufacturers.

From: https://www.change.org/p/the-commonweath-of-virginia-remove-flouride-from-the-state-of-va-s-public-tap-drinking-water

Here are some gruesome facts about fluoride….. Fluoride: A Chronological History. Fluoride is THE main ingredient in rat poison. Fluoride causes CIPRO (2-16%), Ciprofloxacin has been implicated in several cases of acute renal failure,fatal liver failure,  and causes nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

From: https://www.antiaging-systems.com/articles/the-fluoride-deception-in-dentistry-medicine-and-government/

Although a weak case is made that fluoride slightly reduces cavities, there is not one long-term, peer-reviewed, controlled scientific study on humans proving that fluoride is safe. Not one such scientific study exists proving fluoride is safe. The ADA and the U.S. government researches know the answer that fluoride rat poison is unsafe and causes immune system deficiency, cancer, fluorosis spots on the teeth, skeletal fluorosis, bone pathology, bone cancers, increased hip fractures, arthritis and many other health problems, so they simply refuse to fund their own research to substantiate any concerns. This is the “don’t know and don’t want to know” approach to avoiding unpleasant and embarrassing realities. Yet, the dental “health task force moves around the country like a covered-wagon of army prostitutes spreading the ADA, CDC, FDA and USPHS lies to infect the public mind….

There is an enormous amount of information available that proves unequivocally that fluoride is very harmful and deadly in the long term because of the cumulative effects on humans.

The bottom line is that fluoride is dangerous, poisonous and is extremely detrimental to the long term health of humans.  Why would anyone want poison put in anything they drink?  The answer of course is they wouldn’t want fluoride or any other poison added to anything they drink, especially water.  Please remove fluoride from our drinking water!


M. Aho – Draper, UT

WaterPro Managers,

+1 to keep fluoride in the water. Here’s what I understand:

  • As far as I can tell, our major public health organizations endorse fluoride in drinking water.
  • WaterPro has no agenda here. The cost of fluoride is trivial. The handling of it requires extra precautions but is manageable. Rather, this is on the voter agenda because people have asked you to remove it.
  • Those who are really worried about it can use home reverse osmosis systems to remove fluoride from their own water.
  • Removing fluoride will do most harm to lower income households (which will also be less likely to participate in the vote on this issue)

Thank you for managing this issue in such a way that engages your stakeholders in the process. Thank you for delaying vote so that people can inform themselves around the issue and for making yourselves personally available to answer questions. Thank you for listening and caring.

R.Moffat, DDS, MPH, FAAPD, Diplomat -The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry – Draper, UT

I am in favor of keeping optimally fluoridated water in our Waterpro system.
I am grateful that Waterpro has allowed us the opportunity to vote on this issue. I respect everyone’s right to have their voice be heard and I realize that we all have had different life experiences that inform our opinion. Hopefully we all do our own research before voting.
I am a pediatric dentist with a masters degree in public health.  I practiced pediatric dentistry for many years in Draper and now I teach full-time at Roseman College of Dental Medicine in South Jordan.
For one who has fought the battle of cavities in children for many years, this issue is quite simple. The evidence is essentially unquestionable that removing Fluoride from our water system will lead to more dental cavities in our children. Cavities are harmful. Even opponents of water fluoridation will likely agree to that.  If we vote to remove Fluoride, that is the consequence we must bear.
To the contrary, in my studies of the existing literature, I am aware of very little reputable evidence existing that shows that well-controlled, optimally fluoridated water has caused actual harm to individuals.  If that were the case, where is the movement to remove all Fluoride from water, especially where it is naturally occurring in somewhat higher levels, like Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs?
I respect everyone’s right to vote on this issue.  I encourage you to be educated and willing to accept the consequences of discontinuing optimal water fluoridation if you vote to do so

M. Maxwell – Draper, UT

I lived in Illinois as a child in a community with fluoridated water, until I was 9 years old when our family relocated to Utah in a community that did not fluoridate water. I have an older sister and a younger brother that also lived in Illinois during their formative years. Neither me, my older sister nor my brother that is just two years younger than me has ever had a cavity in our entire lifetimes. (we are all in our 50’s now). I had four other siblings that were born after we moved to a Utah community that did not fluoridate water. Though they received fluoride treatments from their dentist growing up, all of them had multiple cavities as children as well as in adulthood. So from my personal experience, I account the differences in my siblings tooth decay to the Illinois fluoridated water and the absence of fluoridated water in Utah.  But my experience is an anecdote, as I realize that seven people born of the same parents is not a truly statistically significant sample size that should be taken as any kind of proof that my experience represents expected outcomes for the broader population.  My experience does align with guidance from the American Dental Association and the broad consensus of dental care experts, which is that fluoridated water is the single best method for prevention of tooth decay and has minimal side effects. This has been studied extensively by experts in this arena for decades and there are good summaries of the research by the American Dental Association, as well as many others. https://www.ada.org/resources/community-initiatives/fluoride-in-water/I believe this is a topic where we should rely on the expertise of experts, as opposed to the now all-to-common practice of non-experts Googling to find some source to support whatever position reinforces their personal biases. All of us that are not trained dental professionals and researchers (this includes me) have our opinions and personal experiences but let’s make sure we are hearing those with science-based, peer-reviewed dental care guidance.

Chuck S. – Draper, UT
I grew up in an area without fluorinated water. Despite regular brushing, I had several cavities as a child that continue to require attention today. After moving to an area with fluorinated water 20 years ago, I haven’t had any new cavities.
Danae B. – Draper, UT
I want added fluoride removed from Draper City’s water supply for the following reasons:

  • (Link) Fluoride was used as a drug to treat hyperthyroidism because it effectively reduces thyroid activity due to the ability of fluoride to mimic the action of thyrotropin (TSH). Excess fluoride correlates with other thyroid-related issues such as iodine deficiency. Fluorine and iodine, both members of the halogen group of atoms, have an antagonistic relationship. Excess fluoride in the body can interfere with the function of the thyroid gland. Fluoride has been linked to thyroid problems.
  • (Link) People don’t know how much fluoride they are ingesting since there are many sources, not just the added amount in the water supply. It is found in soil, water, medications, oral hygiene products, foods and beverages. Also, individuals with a thyroid disorder (a large number of people and growing steadily) don’t know how much fluoride they are getting and how it is affecting their thyroid. People can easily get more than they need with the supplemented amount in the city water, causing their already-hypothyroid condition to worsen. This is extremely important as there is not a single organ or process in the body that is not impacted by the thyroid gland either directly or indirectly. Hypothyroid conditions cause (among other serious health issues) stress on adrenals and cortisol and a cascade of life-threatening conditions after that.
  • Nothing works physiologically in isolation. Adding fluoride systemically (drinking water) to solve a local problem (dental cavities) doesn’t make sense considering the dangers of too much fluoride. Since we still get fluoride outside of local water supplies, we still get the benefits of bone health, etc. that accompanies the need for fluoride. Individuals can take responsibility for their own oral health (avoid sugars, drink lots of non-fluoridated water, brush regularly, floss, eat a healthy, well-rounded diet, etc.) without the government forcing everyone to ingest FSA or sodium fluoride.
  • For affective preventative health and good chronic health, an adult should drink 80 ounces of water per day. Thus someone will get 1.75 mg per day from just the added fluoride and it is impossible to know how much someone is getting from all other sources. Thyroid disease (very serious) is on a steady rise and who is to say that one major cause is not the addition of fluoride to water supplies for generations now? It is the long-term is the long-term ingesting of even “accepted” daily amounts of fluoride over time that is the problem.

Mackenzie W. – Draper, UT
I am in favor of taking this incredibly harmful chemical out of our drinking water.

Daniel B. – Draper, UT
If I could vote on this, it would be a strong “please discontinue adding Fluoride to the drinking water.” It’s not that I’m not a fan of fluoride. I use fluoridated mouthwash and toothpaste every day. But I believe toothpaste and mouthwash is the more effective way to deliver fluoride. From the drinking water supply, we have a filter (reverse osmosis) for water we drink, so most of the fluoride in the drinking water just gets removed anyway for us.  Plus, water from the drinking supply is used for so many other things, and adding fluoride to all of the water supply is both a waste, and has its other drawbacks.

Michael S. – Draper, UT
Thank you for postponing the vote to discontinue the addition of fluoride in WaterPro’s culinary water.  I’m not an expert regarding the issue but understand there are valid arguments both in favor and in opposition to the proposition.  The board should be congratulated for taking a more measured approach to the issue.  I trust future discussions will include input from outside entities, including the Utah Dental Association and the Utah Dept. of Water Quality. Good corporate governance requires an organization to disclose the factors behind major decisions to all stakeholders.  I’ve heard about the difficulties Sandy City recently faced regarding their fluoridation efforts.  If that’s one of reasons WaterPro wants to exit the market, I trust you’ll include it in future communications to your shareholders.

Jerry N. – Draper, UT
I have gathered some information on the primary chemical that is used for fluoridation. It is used in about 90% of all facilities that fluoridate water. It is the most dangerous chemical that we must handle. There is a lot of information in these documents. I would be glad to help with disseminating all of the information you gather and work with the individuals that will be presenting it. https://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/faqs/index.htm

Kirt N. – Draper, UT
First, this is primarily an issue about PERSONAL LIBERTY.  The discussion about fluoride pros and cons is secondary to the issue of my freedom/agency being taken.  I oppose fluoridation but I can’t easily escape its effects without significant investment in filters or sacrifice to obtain my drinking water elsewhere.  A person who wants to ingest fluoride can buy pills without affecting me and principles of freedom and liberty will not be violated. Second, is the practice of drugging the public through drinking water.  If we were holding a vote to add Prozac in small quantities to the drinking water, the very same pro-fluoridators would (hopefully) be screaming about the ridiculousness of the proposal.  And why?  They may say the dosage can’t be properly controlled, not everybody needs it or wants it, maybe someone is particularly sensitive to that drug, or maybe drugging the masses through drinking water is just a bad idea.  BUT, on the issue of fluoridation, somehow they would prefer to remain on the path of folly and continue a practice based on faulty evidence and bad science from the 1950’s when the best technology we had around was a black and white TV set. In modern times, we have ample studies regarding fluoride toxicity, including the Harvard findings regarding lowered IQ in children.  If we ignore advanced science, we can damage our kidneys, liver, thyroid, and brain, but hey…at least we’ll look good smiling about it. Second, is the practice of drugging the public through drinking water.  If we were holding a vote to add Prozac in small quantities to the drinking water, the very same pro-fluoridators would (hopefully) be screaming about the ridiculousness of the proposal.  And why?  They may say the dosage can’t be properly controlled, not everybody needs it or wants it, maybe someone is particularly sensitive to that drug, or maybe drugging the masses through drinking water is just a bad idea.  BUT, on the issue of fluoridation, somehow they would prefer to remain on the path of folly and continue a practice based on faulty evidence and bad science from the 1950’s when the best technology we had around was a black and white TV set. In modern times, we have ample studies regarding fluoride toxicity, including the Harvard findings regarding lowered IQ in children.  If we ignore advanced science, we can damage our kidneys, liver, thyroid, and brain, but hey…at least we’ll look good smiling about it.

David M. – Draper, UT
I value my health and read a lot of health articles. My opinion is that Fluoride should NOT be put in the public drinking water! Fluoride in public water systems has been banned in foreign countries. I suggest you find out why these countries have banned fluoride and take advantage of their research. My understanding is the fluoride put in the public drinking supplies is a byproduct of an industrial manufacturing waste process, which they wanted to sell for profit instead of discarding. Yuck! I vote to NOT put fluoride in the public drinking water. If people want fluoride, they can buy it or get it at their dentist!

Heather Y. – Draper, UT
I original voted to fluoridate our water supply many years ago. Interestingly enough about six months to a year after we started fluoridating our water, I developed hypo thyroid problems. I did more research and this is what I found: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5805681/ Fluoridation in water definitely affects the thyroid.  It is very difficult to get treated for thyroid disorders too.  We have a population of people who are being harmed by the fluoride in our water. Here are more studies regarding fluoridated water: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3956646/

When my children were little, our pediatrician recommended fluoride tablets.  It was very easy for them to take this and was very inexpensive.  I believe we should stop fluoridating our water supply and instead go back to allowing those who want fluoride to supplement it themselves.

Erin J. – Draper, UT
As a decade long resident of Draper and a grown woman with ZERO cavities (who grew up drinking fluoridated tap water) I am expressing my wish to CONTINUE to add fluoride to the drinking water for me and my children to ensure our dental health. I work as an Associate Professor at a health professions university as recommend as many of our community members drink fluoridated tap water for their health.

Kris A. – Draper, UT
We use water for every aspect of our lives from drinking, cooking and bathing.  We don’t get the option to opt out of this other than getting very expensive water filtration systems.  We still have fluoridated water in schools, work and restaurants that is hard to avoid.  This neuro chemical can cause learning disabilities in our children and it is all they drink all day in schools. We live in a time when people want the choice to choose for their own health and NOT have dangerous drugs and chemicals forced upon the masses.  There are alternatives available.  Dentists can provide fluoride treatments.

Please let me know how I can help get more involved to get this topic back up for discussion and education.  I know several other cities who do not add this toxic chemical to their water.  It is not the job of our government to take care of our health, it is us as citizens, and when we lose that right we all lose.

Lindsey K. – Draper, UT
Please remove the fluoride from the water! I don’t know why this isn’t already happening with the data showing how unhealthy it is for us. It shouldn’t even be up for discussion or votes, just remove it! Please. There are enough unhealthy things in our food we have to worry about daily, we should be able to have healthy drinking water.

Lanae L. – Draper, UT
I am learning more about the health issues with fluoride in our drinking water and it’s very disturbing!
Is there anyway you can bring awareness to Draper residents; people really do need to know more about fluoride and how it impacts our health, and what we can do about removing this highly toxic chemical from the water. Not only does this chemical harm your thyroid cause cancers etc but it effects the pineal glad and can cause learning disabilities in kids. You may have filtered water at home but they drink this water all day at school, we need more parents to know how harmful this is, especially for our kids. There are over 300 peer reviews studies showing how harmful this can be, I would be happy to share some of these articles with you.

Scott &. Moana W. – Draper, UT

  1. Fluoride is an extremely toxic chemical
  2. Overexposure carries many risks
  3. Fluoride added to drinking water is forced medication
  4. Fluoride is linked to bad health outcomes

A simple search of the risks of over-fluoridation from credible scientific sources links this toxic chemical to the effects of over-calcification in parts of the body. Among the health risks: dementia, cancer, heart disease, and negative effects to the central nervous, digestive, endocrine and respiratory systems – as mentioned in the letter. Not mentioned is research showing how fluoride can cause damage to the pineal gland through the build-up of calcification over time. When this occurs, less melatonin is produced, and regulation of the wake-sleep cycle gets disturbed. Other problems include weakened immunity, vision loss, mood disorder, poor circulation, kidney problems, and potentially negative effects on hormones, nervous system function, sharp cognition and creativity. Researchers believe that the best first step to protecting, and possibly restoring health to the pineal gland, is to eliminate fluoride from tap water. We acknowledge potential misinformation about the negative side-effects and/or benefits of fluoride in the body. However, many in favor of adding fluoride in tap water may not be aware that we are already getting fluoride from a myriad of other sources. Ironically, some of the same people who want fluoride in our tap water are the same ones who are strong proponents of eating organic raw foods. And it is in these organic foods that we get an abundance of non-chemical fluoride sufficient to keep our teeth and bones strong in the first place. When it doubt, leave it out! Aside from an abundance of evidence linking fluoride toxicity to a myriad of health issues or, on the flip side, to the argument that it reduces tooth decay or bone decline, adding fluoride is just plain wrong. No public entity – government, municipal or otherwise – should impose a potential health risk on individuals and families, to say nothing of forcing them to purchase something they do not want. The good news for those who do want more fluoride is that they can get it through toothpaste, mouthwashes, supplementation and a diet of healthier foods. They have that choice. For those of us opposed, however, fluoride entering our home faucets uninvited is not a choice. Facing the issue head on, it is very difficult to remove fluoride from tap water inside the home without requiring the homeowner to purchase an expensive RO filtration system. Our family uses a more affordable filtration system beneath the kitchen sink that removes chlorine and other solids but it can’t take out the fluoride, which is our primary concern. By injecting fluoride into our home drinking water we have three choices 1) to drink the water with inherent health risk, 2) buy and drink only bottled water or 3) purchase an expensive RO filtration system. Regardless, adding toxic fluoride to municipal tap water is wrong. Please remove fluoride from our tap water.

Richard H. – Draper, UT
For over 30 years I have known the dangers of fluoride in drinking water.  As a pharmacist, I know how to read studies and the study the fluoride lovers hang their hat on is so flawed that it must have been paid for by those companies that got tired of paying for storage if this toxic waste and wanted to sell it to well intentioned, yet wholly ignorant, cities.  Finally, people are waking up and ready to join most of the educated world and eliminate this nonsense.  My only regret is that this makes us wait another 6 months before we finally can have pure water to drink.

Jenny J. – Draper, UT
I strongly believe that fluoride provides no benefit to us and should not be in our water. Please vote to remove fluoride from our water system.