Highlights from Stockholders’ Meeting

WaterPro would like to thank its customers for returning their ballots in preparation for the Stockholders’ Meeting held on March 20th. The following are highlights of the information presented.


Projects completed in 2023.

  • Pioneer/1840 E project- Replaced 2200’ of 10” culinary main (paving to be completed in 2024).
  • Southwillow project- Replaced 300’ of 8” culinary main on 1370 E.
  • Vestry project- Replaced 600’ of 14” culinary main.


Projects to be completed in 2024.

  • Somerville Subdivision Irrigation Improvement- Install 2400’ of 6” irrigation main and installing of new smart meters.
  • Pioneer Road Irrigation Loop- Replace 20” steel loop.


Reuse Phase to be completed in 2024.

WaterPro has been undergoing continual efforts towards the Reuse project. This project will allow treated culinary wastewater to be used on landscapes. WaterPro will continue to supplement with Utah Lake water when needed. Reused culinary water will provide a much cleaner source for outdoor irrigation. The reuse project will be done in 3 phases. Phase one will occur this year. It includes running a pipeline from the wastewater treatment plant in Bluffdale to Draper Irrigation Company’s pumphouse on Fort Street via Stokes Ave. A shallow well will also be drilled during this phrase. Construction will begin this summer and is projected to last at least a year.