How Runoff Season May Affect You

As the winter snowpack continues to melt throughout June, please be aware of some of the ways the increased water runoff can affect you and your family.

At Home: Perceived Water Quality

Increased stream flow in the spring and early summer can cause some slight discoloration in the water that comes from your tap. This happens when water flows over leaves and twigs, similar to the effect of adding tea bags to water.

This effect is temporary and harmless. Our treatment process ensures that the water is safe to drink, even though a slight discoloration may remain. As the runoff slows later in the summer, the water will return to its normal appearance.

In the Mountains: Stream Safety

Please be extra careful when hiking or picnicking streamside during runoff season! Even a small stream is full of very cold, very fast water that can be dangerous, especially for small children and pets.

All humans and canines should avoid wading, playing, drinking from, or swimming in mountain streams during the runoff season. Also, if you are venturing into a restricted watershed area, leave your dogs at home. Violating the rules is not only dangerous for your dog and hazardous to our drinking water, but can also result in a $650 fine or even an arrest.