How Safe is America’s Drinking Water?

Drinking water safety is a huge topic that can’t be covered in a single newsletter article, but we can hit some of the highlights. The good news is that in general, public drinking water supplies in the U.S. are very safe. As you can see from the attached water quality report, WaterPro/Draper Irrigation continues to monitor and test for contaminants so that we can provide the best quality drinking water to our customers.

Of course, no system is perfect. Here are some of the common concerns of consumers of drinking water:

Water treatment and aging infrastructure. Incidents like the elevated lead levels in the drinking water of Flint, Michigan are related to errors in water treatment that caused lead from aging pipes to leach into the public water supply. While these are concerns we take very  seriously, we are fortunate in having a relatively new system. Our treatment plant was built in the 1970s and received a significant remodel and upgrade in 2004. Rapid population growth in Draper means that much of our public water infrastructure has been installed in the last 20 years. Draper Irrigation/WaterPro does not face many of the infrastructure challenges of older cities, where some water mains may be over a hundred years old.

  • Accidents and contamination. It is possible for any system to experience an accidental contamination of the water supply. However, we constantly monitor the quality of our water and have security measures in place to minimize the chance of contamination.

The federal government, through the EPA, sets strict standards for water safety and monitors compliance by all public water systems. That means that WaterPro’s water quality and safety is far more closely monitored than private well water, spring water, or even bottled water.  We take very seriously our responsibility to protect our watershed from contaminants, provide safe and up-to-date processes at our treatment plant, and maintain our infrastructure in top condition so that the water we deliver to our customers is safe and of the highest quality.