How to Find a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL)

By now, it’s well known that most water waste occurs through landscaping mistakes, such as choosing plants that are not right for  the climate, or using inefficient or poorly maintained irrigation systems. But suppose you want to improve your landscaping and your irrigation system; where do you start?

The Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) program was developed in cooperation with the California Landscape Contractors Association, Sonoma County Water Agency, City of Santa Rosa, Marin Municipal Water District, and the colleges of Santa Rosa and Marin.

Offered in Utah in conjunction with Utah State University extension, QWEL training consists of 20 hours of education focused on water-efficient principles. The training covers irrigation systems, soils and plants, water management and budgeting, irrigation controllers with “smart” technology, and more.

Once a landscaper has completed the QWEL training, he or she can also become an EPA WaterSense Partner.

Other organizations that have participated in bringing the QWEL training to Utah include the Utah Nursery and Landscape Association (UNLA), the Utah Division of Water Resources (UDWR), Iron County Water Conservancy District (ICWCD), and Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD).

To locate a QWEL landscaper in Utah, visit and click the link Find a QWEL Landscaper.