Irrigation Water Demand at Lowest Level Ever

Sometimes it seems as if all the news about the drought is dire, but today we have something to celebrate: our customers have been using irrigation water wisely, leading to the lowest overall use since our pressure irrigation system was installed in 1994.

The chart below shows demand on our irrigation system since 2002. It’s true that in the past couple of years we have ended the irrigation season early due to the drought, but we estimate that if we were to have continued at the pumping rate we were at on the 23rd of September, we still would have ended the year with an irrigation system use of 3940 acre-feet. That would most likely be the lowest use since the system was installed in 1994.

Keep in mind that while this decline in demand has occurred, the population of Draper has increased significantly in the same period, which makes this conservation effort even more impressive. Keep up the good work!