Keeping an Eye on Your Water

WaterPro aims to upgrade customers’ culinary and pressurized irrigation services to smart meters by 2026. Smart meter technology can provide our customers with helpful information. Once a service has been upgraded, customers can create an account at or the eyeonwater app. Creating an account will allow customers to view water usage in a bar graph chart, so they will know when and how much water is used.

Another benefit of setting up the eyeonwater account is getting a leak alert. If water continually runs through the meter, a leak alert will be sent to the customer’s email or phone. The notification will indicate the gallons constantly flowing through the meter per hour. There may be legitimate water usage, like filling a swimming pool for several days; however, inexplicable excessive water usage should be investigated.


Although your smart meter cannot identify the leak’s location, here are culprits associated with water loss.



  • Running toilet (upwards of 100+ gallons per hour)
  • Dripping faucet
  • Leaking water heater
  • Malfunctioning soft water unit
  • Crawl space¬†plumbing



  • Malfunctioning or incorrect sprinkler timer
  • Sprinkler valves
  • Hose bib
  • Water line from the meter to the house
  • Backflow assembly
  • Landscape irrigation connections (including a stop and waste not fully turned to the “on” position, which can present as a leak). Please go to for a how-to video on working your stop and waste.


Innovative technology helps customers keep an eye on their water usage to save precious water and money resources.

If you have a smart meter, create an account at Please call our office at 801-571-2232 to determine if your water service has been upgraded.