General Manager’s Message

Our Commitment to Draper’s Future

Darrin Jensen, General Manager

Many of our customers know that Draper Irrigation/WaterPro has been a part of Draper since 1888, when a group of local farmers banded together to protect their water rights and irrigate their fields. And as we approach the 100th anniversary of our culinary water service in 2011, you’ll be hearing more about how we have shared in the history and growth of our community.

As much as we cherish our long history, however, our commitment to the future of Draper is even stronger.

Educating Tomorrow’s Citizens

In serving generation after generation of Draperites, we have learned that we need the support of the community in order to provide excellent service to its residents. We believe the best way to win support from the community is by educating tomorrow’s citizens, the children of Draper.

Protecting our precious mountain water for future generations requires conservation and watershed protection, two causes we are passionate about. To show our commitment, we have joined with Draper City, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, and the local schools to develop and deliver a curriculum for teaching children about important water issues. This past May, these organizations hosted 800 local fourth-graders during Water Week for a series of tours and hands-on activities to help them learn about the hydrologic cycle, watershed protection, preventing storm water pollution, the importance of water in Draper’s agricultural past, and more. Based on the success of this year’s program, we hope to be able to repeat it – and perhaps expand it – in 2011.

Our Mission

Our commitment to the future of Draper is reflected in our mission statement:
WaterPro is committed to providing effective management of our water resources for the community in order to protect the public health and environment.

As a mutually owned, not-for-profit organization, we are not driven by the need to make money for faceless shareholders. Our shareholders are our customers, and for their sake we focus on long-range strategic planning that ensures a safe, reliable water supply and sound infrastructure for delivering that water to homes and businesses, now and in the future.

Our Values

WaterPro’s values are the basis of everything we do. Those values include:

  • Safety. We strive to provide a safe water supply for our customers, a safe storage and delivery system for that water, and a safe working environment for our employees.
  • Service. We aim to provide reliable delivery of our product, as well as friendly and efficient service from our office staff, crew, and management.
  • Respect. We operate in an environment of mutual respect for our customers, our employees, and everyone we do business with.
  • Integrity. We adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our dealings with our customers and others.
  • Leadership. As the largest and one of the oldest privately-owned water systems in the state, we take a leadership position in working with local government, state and federal elected officials, and other water systems in maintaining water rights, protecting the watershed, and ensuring continued access to clean, safe water at a reasonable price for our customers.