New PI Meter? Here’s What to Expect

As pressure irrigation (PI) season begins, we continue our project to install meters for all our customers with PI service.

Each newly-metered customer has a minimum three month grace period where PI service is still billed at the previous flat rate, but the bill also indicates what your payment would have been if billed at the metered rate.

During this test period, pay close attention to your bills.  It is important to assess your total yearly irrigation bill, and compare your current flat rate and the metered rate for the year. If the metered rate is less than your flat rate―good for you! If it is higher, this is a good opportunity for you to assess your water usage.  Are there leaks in your sprinkler system? Can you make adjustments to save water, such as watering less often or avoiding water waste? This might be a good opportunity to contact a QWEL landscaper to make waterwise changes to your yard.