Pay Attention to Your PI Billing

Now that our pressure irrigation (PI) system is operational, some of our customers will notice a difference in their billing.

If you DO NOT have a meter installed on your PI service:

You will be billed the same way you have been billed in the past, paying a flat fee based on the size of your lot. Our goal is to meter all our PI customers within a few years, so your turn will come.

If you had a meter installed on your PI service MORE THAN three months ago:

Your monthly bill will be based on the actual amount of water you used. We feel that this is the fairest way to bill our customers.

If you had a meter installed on your PI service LESS THAN three months ago:

You will be billed at the old flat rate, but your bill will show what you would have been charged if you were paying the metered rate. This three-month grace period was designed to give our customers a chance to assess their water usage.

If you will pay more (or already ARE paying more) under the metered rate, this is a good chance to check your sprinkler system for leaks, reassess your watering habits, or even redesign your landscaping so that it requires less water. Remember, an average of 50% of water used on landscaping is wasted. Saving water can save you money too.