Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Pressure Irrigation Season

It’s that time of year again―time to get ready for pressure irrigation. We begin pressuring up the system on April 1, with full water pressure to all customers available by April 15.

Winter can be hard on a sprinkler system. Freeze/thaw cycles can crack pipes that may not have been drained adequately in the fall. Children playing in yards or vehicles driving across lawns can break sprinkler heads. If you don’t check out your sprinklers and make repairs before we pressure up the system, you may have a geyser flooding your front yard.

Before April 1, do the following:

  • Turn off your stop and waste valve to prevent flooding.
  • Disconnect hoses.
  • Check for and repair cracks in standpipes.

WaterPro/Draper Irrigation is not responsible for any parts of your system beyond the stop and waste, so checking and repairing the sprinkler system is your responsibility. If you need help in checking or repairing your system, please contact a qualified landscaper. You might want to consider a landscaper with QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper) certification; these landscapers are trained in water-wise practices including plant selection and irrigation system design and management.  Go to to find a QWEL landscaper.