Preparing for the 2013 Fire Season

The snow is still clinging to the mountains, but emergency management experts are already predicting a red-hot fire season for 2013. Some factors that may make this fire season especially bad, according to an article published March 8 in the Deseret News, include:

  • Increasingly severe weather, including hotter, drier summers
  • Development that encroaches on formerly undeveloped, fire-prone areas such as Corner Canyon
  • Cuts in the federal Forest Service’s budget for firefighting that shift costs to local fire departments

If you live close to undeveloped areas where fire is a danger, use these tips to protect your property:

  • Keep weeds and grass trimmed
  • Do not allow rubbish such as old furniture or boxes to pile up around your house
  • Do not stack firewood next to your house or other structure
  • Don’t allow leaves or needles to build up on your roof or in your gutters
  • Dispose of cigarettes properly and always extinguish outdoor fires, candles, torches, grills, etc. when done with them

WaterPro complies with all state and federal regulations for water storage to have sufficient water available for fighting fires, but the best policy is to avoid problems in the first place.