Pressure Irrigation Ends October 15; Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Winter

Users of our pressure irrigation system should prepare for the annual shutdown of the system on October 15. This shutdown date is dictated by the water rights we hold. In fact, this year’s drought has forced some other systems to shut down early, on October 1.

What if I don’t use pressure irrigation?

Many of our customers do not have pressure irrigation hookups, while some of those who do still choose to use culinary water to irrigate their lawns and landscape. While the culinary water will still be available for outside watering after the irrigation system is shut down, we encourage all our customers to stop or at least greatly decrease watering as the weather gets cooler and landscape plants begin to go dormant.

Whether you use pressure irrigation or culinary water for outside watering, be sure to winterize your sprinkler system by doing the following:

  • Leave ball valves open.
  • Turn off the stop and waste so that water will drain from the lines.
  • To be extra sure that water is removed from low-lying pipes, have a landscaper blow moisture out of the pipes.

What if I don’t winterize my system?

If we have a mild winter, you might get lucky and be able to start up your system in the spring without any problems.

More likely, undrained water will freeze in the buried plastic pipes and cause the pipes to burst. Then when you turn on the system in the spring (or when WaterPro pressures up the irrigation system), water will gush through the broken pipes and flood your yard, your basement, or your neighbor’s home. Remember that WaterPro is responsible for the system only up to your pressure irrigation or culinary hookup; anything beyond that is the property owner’s responsibility.

If you have questions about winterizing your exterior watering system, consult a qualified landscaper or type “winterizing sprinkler systems” or “winterizing outdoor faucets” into a search engine.