Pressure Irrigation Shuts Down October 15th

The annual shutoff of the pumps for the pressure irrigation system occurs October 15th. This shutoff date is determined by the water rights we hold. After water flow to the system stops, please make sure to drain your sprinkler lines and winterize your system. The steps you take to do this will depend on the design of your system. If you have questions about your sprinkler system, please contact your system’s designer, your landscaper, or another professional.  Because of the variety of sprinkler systems, WaterPro is unable to answer questions about specific systems.  PLEASE NOTE: WaterPro’s responsibilty ends at the stop and waste valve for your pressurized irrigation system You are responsible for draining your own sprinkler lines. Taking proper care of your sprinkler lines now could prevent system damage from freezing, and service fees in the spring.  Remember to shutoff off your stop and waste before the sytem starts up again in the spring.  Many customers shut it off in the fall so they don’t forget to do it in the spring.