Pressure Irrigation System Shuts Down October 1

Due to the continuing drought
and problems caused by this
summer’s severe algal bloom in
Utah Lake, WaterPro’s pressure
irrigation system will shut down
on October 1. We are normally
able to provide irrigation water
until October 15, but sometimes
unusual conditions such as the
ones we encountered this year
restrict the irrigation season.
As always, all pressure
irrigation customers need to
winterize their systems by leaving
ball valves open and turning off the
stop and waste so that water will
drain from their systems. This will
help prevent freeze-and-thaw
damage over the winter, which in
turn helps prevent flooding when
we pressure up the system again
in the spring.
For information on winterizing
your sprinkler system, whether or
not you use pressure irrigation,
consult a qualified landscaper or
search online for “winterizing
sprinkler systems.”