Re-Using Water: A Plan for the Future

With Utah in a state of emergency due to drought, and long-term forecasts predicting more severe droughts in the future, it is crucial that we make the the highest and best use of every possible source of water.

One source many people don’t think of is re-using water – in other words, treating the water that goes down our sewer pipes so that it is clean and safe to use once again.

WaterPro has been exploring water re-use for over a decade. Before you panic and say “Yuck!”, please be aware that our plan calls for using treated re-use water in our irrigation system, not in our culinary system (although re-use water can be treated to the point that it is completely safe to drink, and is indeed being used safely in some parts of the world, such as Australia).

Re-using treated waste water for irrigation will help us conserve our precious mountain water for drinking, as well as actually improving the quality of water in our irrigation system.

We will keep you informed as our planning continues for this long-term project.