Safety Of Secondary Water

In response to recent illnesses associated with secondary water, the Utah Department of Health and Human Services launched to bring awareness to health risks associated with secondary water in Utah. Several stakeholders contributed to content on the webpage, including Utah water providers and conservancy districts. This webpage contains answers to many frequently asked questions and a searchable map of secondary water service boundaries.

What are some other terms used to describe:

Secondary water?

Weber water, fish guts water, sulfur water, pressurized irrigation, untreated pressurized municipal irrigation water, canal water, irrigation water, duck water.

Drinking water?

Potable water, culinary water.

Secondary water is different from drinking water and should only be used to water yards. Drinking or playing in secondary water can make you sick. Is secondary water safe for pets?  What to do if I accidently drink secondary water? Please click the links included to answer these and other questions regarding secondary water safety.