Sprinkler Weather…Bring it on!

If you are like most people the thought of sprinkler weather is euphoric! Warm sunny days, picnics, vacations, hiking, boating, bike rides, baseball…what could be better than a summer in Utah?

But if you’ve lived here for very long, you know that one caveat to sprinkler weather is…well…the sprinkler system!!!

Drive down any street in mid-April through May and you are bound to see someone standing in the middle of a lawn, hands on hips, shaking their head (and occasionally a fist) while watching their sprinkler system run through station after station.

If you have experienced sprinkler system frustration in past years, spring may be the time to consider changing your system from culinary to secondary water or vice versa.

However, be sure to consider the implications such a change may have on the drinking water system.

AVOID CROSS CONNECTIONS! It is against the law to create a cross connection, and doing so can cause backflow that might contaminate your local water supply and make your family and neighbors sick.

If you do change your system, there are certain procedures to avoid creating a hazardous cross-connection between the culinary and the secondary water. You can pick up specs at our office to avoid this problem.

Don’t forget that such changes require an application or refusal for the secondary water service. When changes are complete, contact WaterPro for an inspection before you backfill any holes.