State of the Water Industry 2015: National and Local Concerns

Each year since 2004, the American Water Works Association (AWWA), a 50,000-member organization representing water industry professionals, compiles its State of the Water Industry (SOTWI) report (the full report is available at

To create the report, AWWA solicits input from AWWA members and other water profession contacts. Respondents were given a number of issues affecting the water industry and asked to rate each challenge on a scale from 1 (unimportant) to 5 (critically important).

Here are the top five issues identified in the survey, along with a few words about how these might affect WaterPro and our customers:

  1. Renewal/replacement of aging water infrastructure

Because most of the population growth in Draper has occurred in the past 30 years, most of our infrastructure is relatively new and is in good shape.

  1. Financing for capital improvements

Our strategic planning adequately addresses these needs.

  1. Long-term water availability

WaterPro has sufficient water rights to provide for our customers, but as we endure a multi-year drought, we continue to encourage customers to conserve to ensure availability of water in the future.

  1. Public understanding of the value of water systems/services

In some ways, we want customers to be able to take reliable water service for granted, although we also want them to understand the value of the services we provide.

  1. Public understanding of the value of water resources

Nationwide, water prices don’t reflect the true value of this resource. The amount you are billed every month doesn’t just pay for the water you use. It also pays for replacing, updating, and expanding infrastructure, purchasing water rights, and developing new water sources so that we can ensure availability of water in the future.