Urgent Message to our xpress BILL PAY and Paperless Customers

If you are a WaterPro customer, you are ALSO a stockholder in our parent company, Draper Irrigation Company (DIC).

To help ensure that you receive time-sensitive DIC annual stockholder information in February, please verify that your “Billing Address” is current (and reflects your mailing address) in xpress BILL PAY. Please Note: Because xpress BILL Pay is a third-party vendor, WaterPro does not have the right to make changes to xpress BILL PAY accounts.

To check your xpress BILL PAY “Billing Address”, log in to www.xpressbillpay.com and select “View Bill”. If the “Billing Address” does not reflect your current mailing address, edit it by:

  1. Finding your name in the upper right corner
  2. Click on name
  3. Click Account Settings
  4. Lower right corner, click Edit
  5. Update the bottom two lines to reflect yourcurrent mailing address
  6. Save
  7. Because xpress Bill Pay and WaterPro are separate companies, please provide WaterPro with the same address by calling our office at (801) 571-2232.REMINDER: If you have a large credit balance on your account, please adjust your autopayment at www.xpressbillpay.com as WaterPro does not issue credit checks for accounts with large credit balances unless there are extenuating circumstances.