Water Conservation: Keep Up the Good Work – Water is Scarce!

In spite of the hot, dry summer, WaterPro’s customers used 2.5% less water from our pressure irrigation than they did last year. We applaud our customers’ efforts to conserve, especially those who monitored their automatic sprinkler systems and did not water during rainy spells. We encourage everyone to continue to find new ways to use less of this precious resource.

Drought Continues

Last year’s scanty snowpack did little to replenish reservoirs that were already at low levels, and many reservoir managers were forced to reduce the amount of water they sold to public water systems. Because of this, many water systems throughout the state instituted some form of rationing.

How’s the Outlook for Next Year?

The snowstorms that have fallen so far in this water year, which began October 1, look promising.  But it’s a long way to spring, and we can’t predict how much more snow will fall, or what the weather will be like during runoff season in the spring.

What we do know is that Utah is the second driest state in the nation and that our population continues to grow, with an additional 2.5 million people predicted to be living here by 2050. Adding this many people to the state will surely put increasing pressure on our scarce water supply.

How Can You Help?

While winter is typically a time of lower water usage, it’s always a good time to plan for next spring and summer’s water usage:

  • If you’re planning landscaping work, consider using water-wise plants. There is a wide variety of plants and landscaping styles that use very little water and are very attractive.
  • Consider revamping your irrigation system. Drip systems use far less water than sprayers and deliver the water exactly where it is needed – at the base of the plants rather than on their leaves (or worse yet, on the driveway or sidewalk!).