Water for Kids: Education and Games

Kids and teachers from grades K-12 can find fun and interesting water-related activities on the EPA’s website at water.epa.gov/learn/kids/index.cfm.

The page contains these links:

  • BeachKids. Play games and learn about beaches.
  • Drinking water. Extensive educational material available with activities and experiments.
  • Estuaries. Estuaries are where rivers meet up with oceans. Learn more with games and tours.
  • FishKids. Did you know some kinds of fish are safer to eat than others? Stories and games will help you choose your fish wisely.
  • Polluted runoff. Water from storms can wash all kinds of stuff down drains and into our water supply.
  • WaterKids. Create art or work on projects and experiments that teach you how to protect our environment.
  • WaterSense Kids. Learn the importance of water efficiency and simple ways to “Test Your Water Sense” with an interactive game.