Water Outlook: Dry, Dry, Dry!

Forecasting future water demand is never an exact science, but based on the weather so far this year and the water supply available, we can see that conservation is more important than ever.

You have probably noticed that your water bills for May and June were substantially higher than for the same periods last year, when the weather was cool and wet. This year’s unusually hot, dry weather means that demand for WaterPro’s water is about 15-20% higher than last year. At the same time, the snowpack in our canyons is only about 50% of normal.

Although area reservoirs are quite full from the previous winter’s record snowpack, reservoir managers (as well as Utah Lake managers) are being very conservative about the amount of water they release, in order to conserve water for future use. Therefore, water supplies this year will probably be well below those of last year.

Please continue to conserve water wherever possible.