Water Week Tours for Draper 4th Graders

WaterPro, in conjunction with Draper City and Jordan Valley Water Conservation District, hosted Draper fourth graders on a field trip in celebration of Utah Water Week. On May 3, 4, and 5, these organizations hosted some 850 students, plus teachers and chaperones, on tours of WaterPro’s an Jordan Valley’s water treatment plants, as well as booths and presentations highlighting watersheds, stormwater, the water cycle, water conservation, and the history of water in Draper. WaterPro and the other organizations hosted students from Oak Hollow, Willow Springs, Draper, and Sprucewood public elementary schools, as well as from Summit Academy, Channing Hall, and St. Johns Elementary. The field trips were funded by the participating organizations and a grant from Jordan Valley Water Conservation District, and were provided at no cost to the schools or students. This is the second year that WaterPro, Draper City, and JVWCD have hosted this event, and we plan to continue it into the future. We believe strongly in the value of education about the importance of water, water conservation, protecting our watershed, and keeping stormwater free from pollution.