WaterPro Construction Projects

Warmer weather is approaching, and everyone knows what that means: the start of construction season! WaterPro has several construction projects already underway or planned for the upcoming months. While barriers and detours can be annoying, these projects are needed to replace aging infrastructure and improve our ability to serve our customers.

Here are the projects we have planned. Of course, we will also perform regular and emergency maintenance as needed throughout the year.

Bringing online a new pump station for our pressure irrigation system. We purchased a pump station from Sandy Canal Company that will deliver water from the East Jordan Canal to the north end of our system at about 10700 South. We are installing filters at a cost of about $200,000 so that the water can be pumped directly into the system. The planned completion date for this project is April 15.

Building a well house for our new well at the Hidden Valley golf course. This will include a building, pump, pipes, and chemical feed system, and connection to a new pipeline (see below) at a cost of $1,001,000. The contract completion date is July 1st.

Laying a pipeline from the new Hidden Valley GC well to our water treatment plant. This 18” ductile iron pipe has already been completed under the golf course (which was the shortest and most cost-effective route) and has progressed to about 2000 East. We will also connect our Valle di Villa well to this pipeline so that water from both wells can be pumped to our treatment plant to supplement the mountain water after the spring runoff is finished. This project costs about $900,000 and is scheduled to finish July 1st, although it will probably be completed much sooner.

Laying a new pipeline on 1300 East, roughly from 13100 South to the roundabout at Pioneer Street (12400 South). We are replacing a 65-year-old 8” main with a new 10” main, which increases the capacity by about 180% (almost twice as much water). Draper City is planning to rebuild 1300 South next year, so we planned our project to be completed before their construction begins. The estimated cost is $700,000, and we plan to complete the project this summer.