WaterPro: We’re a Crucial Part of Draper’s Past, Present, and Future

Ever since a group of farmers
united their water rights in 1888
to form the Draper Irrigating
Company (which later became the
Draper Irrigation Company, the
parent company of WaterPro), we
have been an integral part of the
community. We’ve been here for
128 years, and plan to be here as
long as there is still a need for
clean, safe drinking water.
While water is our business,
we’re about more than just pipes,
pumps, and treatment plants. We
are committed to maintaining and
improving Draper as a remarkable
place to live, work, and play.
Let’s look at just a few of the
ways we’re a big part of Draper’s
past, present, and future.
 Our Board of Directors. Every
director must be a shareholder
or represent a group of
shareholders, which means that
they are WaterPro customers
just like you. Most are longtime
Draper residents, and some
have roots in the community
that go back for generations.
Every decision they make for
WaterPro is strongly tied to the
good of the community where
they live.

 Draper Days. WaterPro is a
longtime supporter of Draper’s
biggest annual event, which is
occurring this month (see
following page).
 Water Week tours for Draper 4th
graders. Every May WaterPro
joins Draper City and Jordan
Valley Water Conservancy District
in sponsoring educational field
trips for fourth graders in all
Draper schools. We believe that
protecting watersheds, promoting
conservation, and teaching about
the history and importance of
water to Draper are all important
values to pass on to the upcoming
 The arts in Draper. WaterPro has
donated water for outdoor
symphony concerts and supported
the installation of the large
painting in Draper City Hall.
We are your water company,
dedicated to providing not only the
best quality of water, but the best
quality of life in our community.