We’ve cleaned up our irrigation water

In the past, WaterPro’s pressure irrigation (PI) water has sometimes had a reputation for being low-quality. Especially during the algae bloom in the summer of 2016, some customers chose to use more expensive culinary (drinking) water for their lawns and gardens rather than water from Utah Lake that might look cloudy or have a slight odor.

We’re happy to say that the quality of our PI water has improved. For the past couple of years, we have been treating the PI water with a chemical process that removes up to 80% of the solids in the water, resulting in a product that looks clearer and is more pleasant to use for watering lawns, gardens, and landscaping plants. This process, called flocculation and sedimentation, is used by many water utilities to treat drinking water and is very safe. Please note that our irrigation water is not drinkable. We treat it to improve the quality for irrigation, not for drinking, cooking, or other household use.

Why treat the irrigation water?

Over the past few years as the water level in Utah Lake has receded, the irrigation water we receive from the lake has come from closer to the bottom and the quality of the water has decreased. While the water is still safe to use for irrigation, it was sometimes unappealing to customers.

By providing better quality water in our irrigation system, we hope all customers with a PI hookup will feel confident in using this water for outdoor purposes. Not only will this save those customers money on their water bills, but it will also conserve the culinary water that comes from the mountains. As our population grows and demand for water increases, putting each kind of water to its best use will become even more vital. If you have questions about our PI water, please feel free to contact us.