Because You Asked—FAQs

I’m planning to rent my home. Do I need my tenant to sign up for water service?


Application for water service is limited to property owners; therefore, tenant sign-up is unnecessary. However, if you are renting out your property,  please call WaterPro so we can put the tenant’s contact information on file for emergencies. Owners may request a resident bill be mailed to the tenant. This arrangement will provide a duplicate statement to the owner (or their property management company). Please note that the owner is ultimately responsible for paying the water bill regardless of the rental contract terms.


I’m selling my house. How do I close my WaterPro account?

If you are selling your home, please have your title company call us 5-7 days before closing. Utilizing your usage history, WaterPro will estimate the amount owing based on the closing date provided. On the closing date (weekends excluded), WaterPro will do a final meter read and place a door tag on the home to alert the new homeowner that they need to sign for water service. At this time, please deactivate any autopayment through or your bank’s bill pay service and call our office to update your forwarding address. Once the title check is applied to the seller’s account, the seller will be billed any balance due. A refund check will be mailed for any credit balance. This process takes about five weeks.

I got a delinquent notice, but I’m signed up for autopay through xpressbillpay. Why did this happen?

WaterPro mails delinquent notices to customers whose accounts we have not received payments on for two months. If you are signed up for autopay through xpressbillpay and get a late notice but need clarification on why, please log in to your account and check your payment method. The most common reasons for payment failure are an expired credit or debit card, an input error of account information,  or the account was initially linked to Draper City to pay the water bill instead of WaterPro.  If you have additional questions, please call our office at 801-571-2232 or xpressbillpay customer service at 800-766-2350. Please note that payment is due each month on or before the 22nd to avoid late charges.