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2015 CCR

Our Consumer Confidence Report is now available.

WaterPro: We’re a Crucial Part of Draper’s Past, Present, and Future

Ever since a group of farmers
united their water rights in 1888
to form the Draper Irrigating
Company (which later became the
Draper Irrigation Company, the
parent company of WaterPro), we
have been an integral part of the
community. We’ve been here for
128 years, and plan to be here as
long as there is still a need for
clean, safe drinking water.
While water is our business,
we’re about more than just pipes,
pumps, and treatment plants. We
are committed to maintaining and
improving Draper as a remarkable
place to live, work, and play.
Let’s look at just a few of the
ways we’re a big part of Draper’s
past, present, and future.
 Our Board of Directors. Every
director must be a shareholder
or represent a group of
shareholders, which means that
they are WaterPro customers
just like you. Most are longtime
Draper residents, and some
have roots in the community
that go back for generations.
Every decision they make for
WaterPro is strongly tied to the
good of the community where
they live.

Drink up! Your Water is Safe

It’s that time of year, when we present our annual
Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) showing the water
quality results for our system in the past year. Once
again, WaterPro’s water has passed with flying colors. Check our newsletter to view the latest CCR.

More Than an Inconvenience: From Water Main Break to Backflow Incident

We’ve all experienced the effects of water main breaks. We’ve seen them on the news. We’ve even had our commutes re-routed because of them. To say they cause inconvenience is an understatement…they are downright life-altering, even if only temporarily.

According to a 2013 report card on America’s infrastructure by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the USA experiences 240,000 water main breaks a year, or an average of 657 breaks per day! It’s bad enough to be without service for routine maintenance when you are given notice. But water main breaks don’t give us a chance to prepare. Everyone from the provider to the consumer is blindsided.