COVID-19 Update: WaterPro/Draper Irrigation Company

We would like to let all our residential and commercial customers and shareholders know what we are doing during this public health crisis.

First of all, we would like to assure you that the drinking water we supply to you is safe. Our water treatment plant uses one of the most advanced processes in the country. Our membrane technology filters out bacteria and viruses down to the smallest size of any process in use. In addition, our highly-trained and certified treatment plant operators remain healthy and on the job, regularly monitoring and testing your water to make sure it is not contaminated.

Our outdoor crews are diligently working at their regular jobs to maintain the infrastructure that delivers drinking water and irrigation water to our customers. We have separated our crews into two separate units to provide further protection against exposure and infection.

If you come to our office you will see it is closed to the public to protect both visitors and our office staff. However, if you need help with a new connection, a billing issue, or any other problem, you can call the office and we will be happy to work with you remotely.

Our pressure irrigation system is starting up regularly and will be completely ready to go by mid-April, on schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you note any problems with the drinking or irrigation water systems day or night, please call us at 801-571-2232. We are here for you.