Do I Need Water/Sewer Line Insurance?

Many Draper residents have recently received mailings from utility providers offering insurance policies that cover breaks in the water or sewer lines serving their homes. These offerings can be confusing, so we would like to answer a few of the questions we have received.

Q: Is this insurance provided by the city/utility provider?

A: No, the insurance is provided by a private insurance company that has partnered with the city or utility to enable them to reach property owners more effectively.

Q: Does WaterPro have anything to do with this insurance?

A: No. Because this insurance addresses water lines, some people may assume we provide it or endorse it, but we are not associated with this or any other insurance company providing this type of coverage.

Q: If my water or sewer line breaks, won’t the utility fix it?

A: That depends on where the break is. For water lines, everything leading up to your water meter is the responsibility of the utility, but everything after the meter is the homeowner’s responsibility. For sewer lines, everything from the sewer main to the property is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Q: Does my homeowner’s insurance cover a line break?

A: You will need to check your individual policy for coverage.

Q: How can I learn more?

A: Recommendations: Check with your home insurance provider to see if lateral insurance is available and right for you.  Other good sources of information:

Kiplinger article on sewer line warranties