PI Meters and Billing: FAQs

As we continue to expand the number of our customers with meters on their Pressure Irrigation (PI) connections, we continue to get questions about how the billing will work.

Q: When will my meter be installed?

A: Our contractor’s installation plans can change depending on weather, unexpected problems, and other factors, so we can’t provide installation dates for individual customers. However, the contractor will distribute doorknob tags to let customers know when they’ll be working in a particular neighborhood.

Q: I just got a meter; when will my billing change?

A: Next January. Until then, you’ll continue to be billed at the regular flat rate, but your bills will show your metered usage and what you would have been charged for the metered amount. This gives you a chance to adjust your usage if needed to use less water and save money once your metered billing begins.

Q: Why do I need to switch to metered billing?

A: For fairness and water conservation. The old flat rate billing system was based on lot size, not water usage, so people who used only a little water were charged the same as those who used a lot. The new system is much fairer and rewards those who use water wisely.

Q: What if I don’t have a meter yet?

A: You will continue being billed at the flat rate until the January after you receive a meter. So if your meter is not installed until sometime in 2021, you will not be billed at the metered rate until January 2022.