Help Shape Our Board of Directors – Nomination Instructions

Two seats on our Board of Directors are up for re-election this year.

Stockholders are welcome to nominate themselves or someone else to a position on the board. Nominations must be submitted to WaterPro no later than February 24, 2012. Please see a list of the requirments to submitt for nominations HERE.  After February 24, all shareholders will receive ballots for our Board of Directors election to be held in conjunction with our Annual Meeting . If you are planning to attend the meeting on March 28, please bring the ballot to the meeting with you. If you are not planning to attend, please mail or deliver your marked and signed ballot to WaterPro’s offices before March 28. You can also fax or email your ballot.  Fax 801-571-8054 or email Diana at

You are asked to write on the ballot the number of shares you own. If you are not sure of the number, you can leave that portion of the ballot blank and we will fill it in for you. Remember to mark and sign the ballot before returning it.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 801-571-2232.