Pressure Irrigation Begins April 1; Is Your System Ready?

We begin to pressure up the irrigation system on April 1. If you are connected to this system, be sure to take these steps before that date:

  1. Turn off your stop and waste valve to avoid flooding your yard and home.
  2.  Disconnect hoses.
  3. Check for and repair cracks in standpipes.

It takes approximately 10 to 14 days to fill the system. Secondary water should be available to all customers by April 15, but some customers may have water earlier.

Most homeowners can prepare their own systems. If you need assistance, please contact a landscaper for help. WaterPro does not have the resources to provide routine maintenance to homeowners.

In general, everything past the meter (for the culinary system) or stop and waste (for the irrigation system) is the responsibility of the homeowner. We will always respond to emergencies, but if we determine that the problem lies with a part of the system that is not our responsibility, we will need to bill the homeowner.