Irrigation Season Ending September 23rd

(Post Date 9/15/2022) The decision by the board of canal presidents was reached this week to end the irrigation season no later than September 23rd. This does mean that a shutdown could be sooner.  It has become extremely difficult for the pumps (located at Utah Lake) to be effective at the lakes current level. Wind and silt have played havoc in regards to operating this equipment on a continual basis over the last month.

With the ongoing drought and record heat we have faced, the company feels fortunate to have had the irrigation season last this long. This is a positive result of customers across the valley being mindful and proactive in regards to the current water situation.  Your efforts to conserve are noticeable and appreciated.

Depending on weather, some customers may temporarily switch to the more expensive option of using culinary water for their outdoor needs. Be mindful, there are backflow requirements that must be adhered too.  If you do not have the proper swing connection and backflow device on record with WaterPro, the safest option for customers is to drag a hose from the hose bibs connected to their house, and water as needed.  Please do not attempt to connect the culinary and irrigation systems together without first contacting WaterPro’s backflow specialist, Christina. You can call our office or email her at

Again, thank you for understanding and ongoing efforts in this matter.