Save Money While You Save Water: Apply for Rebates

This summer’s rain has helped our soil moisture levels, but unfortunately it hasn’t put an end to the multi-year megadrought currently affecting most of the western United States, as shown in the graphic below.

What can you do about the drought? Now that gardening and lawn-mowing season is ending, it’s a perfect time to plan for saving water by taking advantage of rebate programs offered to residents of our area.

To find out what rebates are available and how to apply for them, go to

Here’s a short description:

  • Toilet replacement. Old toilets are a leading cause of wasted water in Utah homes.
  • Smart controller Smart controllers help you save money by automatically adjusting watering schedules based on local weather and landscaping needs.
  • Localscapes rewards gives you cash for installing or renovating a landscape that thrives in our climate.
  • Flip Your Strip rewards homeowners who remove grass from park strips and replace it with water-efficient and beautiful alternatives.